Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 12, 2008

Her Hairiness

If this blog is ever treated as an expression of divine will I want to make a few things clear.

  • Treat others as you’d treat yourself.
  • Don’t oppress people. Seriously not cool.
  • No one person knows my will.
  • Doctor Who comes before all American television.

I can just see it now:

The year is 4027.

In breaking news, radical holocube director R. Iadem is planning to create an American version of Doctor Who. Religious groups have called this an act of blatant hatred.



  1. See, I think Doctor Who makes a pretty good religion (well, so long as we get a female Doctor at some point). I mean, we have an Old Testament and a New Testament, and a canon that is at least as consistent as the Bible. 😛

    Although I’ll probably follow the heretic Cult of Sarah Jane instead. 😀

  2. Fox already made an American Doctor Who, back in 1996. It’s as you’d expect, and even when I was 12 I thought it was rubbish. There’s also a creepy homophobic subtext to it, which is ironic considering what came after.

  3. Good points Beppie :). I like the idea of a Sarah Jane cult. It could be like the Church of Captain Tightpants, but actually awesome.

    Really Richie? How dare they?! 😛

  4. I’ve yet to see the 1996 movie– I’ve heard lots about how bad it was, but I kind of feel like I should watch it, as the Eighth Doctor is the only one I haven’t seen. Apparently the Eighth Doctor audio adventures are a lot better than the movie as well, although I have no idea if that holds true from a feminist queer-positive perspective.

  5. The movie’s a tolerable piece of generic sci-fi, but it misses the entire point of Doctor Who and tries to do an X Files / The Man Who Fell To Earth hybrid. There’s also a straight = good, gay = evil thing going on with the Doctor and the Master, which is pretty icky. 8th Doctor audios are better, if slightly directionless.

  6. I thought the Eighth Doctor movie was shockingly bad. I like the couple of novels I’ve read, though.

    I’ll start an Alliance of Ace!

  7. Beppie, I’ve only watched a few of the old ones, ’cause I am a philistine who doesn’t like them that much.

    Richie, I’m glad the queer positivty has shaped up since then.

    The few novels I’ve read have varied in quality. DW is one of the few things in which I like the television show better than the books.

    An Alliance of Ace? BLASPHEMER.

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