Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 22, 2008

A summary of all the posts I meant to write over the past few days.

  • Rick Warren really really sucks. He believes in wifely submission to the husband. WTF? While isn’t he being submitted into an asylum?
  • Random Andrea Dworkin quote:

I love the literature these men [Tolstoy, Tennessee Williams, Kobo Abe, James Baldwin] created; but I will not live my life as if they are real and I am not. Nor will I tolerate the continuing assumption that they know more about women than we know about ourselves.

  • I finally got people searching for non-pornographic pictures! Yay for the penguins.
  • Other search terms included people impugning allecto’s character (whoever that was, you’re an asshat) and people looking for advice about the HSC. To those unfortunate souls the only advice I can offer is that y’all should consider becoming robots.
  • In the “Who can say something homophobic the fastest after coming back from their business trips?” competition The Patriarch won. It took him a thirty seconds into the first lunch. It took Mom twelves minutes into dinner to celebrate our cousins non-gayness (though it never occurred to anyone that he could be bi or pansexual and I *forgot* to suggest that). 


  1. Other search terms included people impugning allecto’s character

    Yay!! I have fans! Did they call me an Amazon Mancrusher? Or wait… a hairy dyke? Crazy? Ah, I have a whole list of impunities. It warms my heart. I wonder if it is strange to feel proud of the fact that a whole bunch of men on the internet hate your guts.

  2. Did they call me an Amazon Mancrusher? Or wait… a hairy dyke? Crazy?

    Bingo! They’re not very original, are they? There was one quote about telling the quality of someone’s character by their enemies.

  3. The Warren thing is bringing me out in hives, too. And while I don’t for one second want to diminish the massive insult it it to LGBQTI people, I wish there was a little more fuss going on about the truly vast nature of the insult to all women (which seems to have been comparatively overlooked).

    Love the Dworkin quote. As someone who earns her bread writing about Shakespeare, I should probably have it engraved on the bathroom mirror.

    p.s. You call your mum ‘mom’? Is this a seismic shift in Young People Today towards Americanisms I’m witnessing?

  4. My parents are American, so I almost always spell mum ‘mom’. 🙂

  5. I, on the other hand, am an American who spells mom, mum. I say it that way too.

  6. Hope you’re feeling good post-HSC results.

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