Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 30, 2008

Lots of Someones are WRONG on the Internet!

*Headdesk* Warning: Clicking on the links in this post will expose you to mind-numblingly stupid trolls.

Good afternoon my brainwashed minions*! Does anyone feel like going to the Urban Dictionary definitions of feminist, feminism and patriarchy to add your own, vote for the good definitions and vote down the trolls?

My contributions to the cause weren’t as smackdownish as I wanted but they were somewhat less of a mouthful than most.

Feminist: A person who believes in equality and is generally not foolish enough to assume that a check always comes to a man and a woman.

That definition was rejected, presumably because it is so much less accurate than “A woman who wants all the advantages that men have but none of the responsibilites. Also know as a cow, ho, sucubus and bushpig.”

Feminism: A movement to promote equality and fight oppression. That it does so at the expense of male power and privilege is a result of patriarchy, not feminism.

Patriarchy: A social organisation that grants power to men and oppresses women through political, social and economic institutions. Harmful side effects include the gender binary, unequal wages and Rush Limbaugh.


*According to 4th edition D&D, you’ve only got one hitpoint. Here’s a relevant cartoon from xkcd to cheer you up.



  1. Well, that was fun. 😛

    I hate Urban Dictionary. 😛

    Btw I love that cartoon, I think of it every time I get into an online brawl and laugh at myself.

  2. Stupidly I clicked the first link. I know, you warned me.

    That cartoon is awesome. I must stick it to the door of our study at home. Saves time with the talking.

  3. reading that was like reading the comments section for “prop 8 the musical” but urban dictionary doesn’t seem to allow for direct confrontations.

    Its making me so angry I wanna scream out in Orcish.

  4. […] via hell on hairy legs […]

  5. I like the definition of feminism/ feminist as
    Feminism: The Radical notion that Women are People, to.
    Feminist: A Person that believes in the radical notion that women are people to and advocates the freedom and equality of Women.

    Perhaps urban dictionary would accept this, although considering the fucked up nature of their site administration, it is a tad unlikely.

  6. You could always give it a try.

  7. I’ve been seeing a lot of that astonishment and cultivated ignorance lately.
    You have the shocking concept in the US that some citizens think they are entitled to the same civil rights as other citizens, just because they are citizens.
    Humans going around claiming they have the same human rights as other humans, just because they are human.
    After hundreds of years, millions of men continue to pretend to be stunned at the audacity of these people who want to be treated like people.

  8. When I realized that every single definition of “feminism” on the first page is a load of misogynistic BS, I cried. Literally. So where do I turn in my Homo Sapien membership card?

  9. Well, I was warned. But since I was there, I did my best.

    Why is the same misogynist allowed to submit the same definition repeatedly?

  10. Oh, dammit. I clicked the link. Now my thumbs of dis/approval are flyin’.

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