Posted by: hellonhairylegs | December 30, 2008

One Thought

Nestled against a fantasy book containing a pornalicious sorceress and three fully clothed male characters (who, in a fount of originality; are a cleric, rogue and fighter) is a book named Possession: the romance. How long will it take for people to realise that love =/= ownership?

ETA: Notawhisper rightly takes me to task in the comments section. I shall endeavour to read the book (or just the synopsis) so I can see what’s what. I’d also like to note that I wasn’t directly criticising the book, just making an observation about dominant paradigms in our culture. *sticks out tongue*

ETA2: From what garbled reviews I’ve seen, the book explores the thought I mentioned above. Still the summaries have being passed through filters, adding in sprinkles of endorsed gender roles and name-calling that may or may not be present in the book.



  1. “Possession” in A.S. Byatt’s work refers primarily to how the lead characters (both literary academics) are “possessed” with the desire to uncover the biographical truths about the particular poets that interest them (and thereby “possess” the poets). The “romance” does not refer solely to romance between the various characters, and even there the book disputes the patriarchal notion of “possession” being healthy as both the protagonists are very wary of losing their lives to their sexual attachments (and part of the story is their journey toward finding a way to overcome this). So I’m not sure your entry is fair!

  2. “How long will it take for people to realise that love =/= ownership?”

    most ‘love’ and ‘marriage’ in the real world is about domination and control.

    the true essence of love, however, is a giving without thought of return. It is entirely selfless.

    and perhaps beyond the human ken.

  3. Speaking of pornalicious sorceresses, how is D&D 4E? If you have anything interesting to say about it, would you be interested in doing a Cerise article some time?

  4. Sure, but I’m not too good at writing under pressure, or deadlines or…

    Anyways, I’ll write something short on the blog and if it’s any good I can always expand it.

  5. Hi there… just happened upon your blog and, coincidentally, “Possession” remains one of my most impressive reads in recent years. The intertextuality and inventiveness by A.S. Byatt are incredible.

    Oh, and there was a not-too-shabby movie adaptation starring Aaron Eckhart, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jeremy Northam, among others.


    Happy New Year!

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