Posted by: hellonhairylegs | January 25, 2009

What Regular Readers Might Want to Know

  • I’m doing three more terms of high school, so you’ll have to listen to me complaining about the HSC for another year. My apologies.
  • I’m drifting at the moment, so don’t be too concerned if I don’t post for long stretches of time.
  • I have loads of draft posts that I will finish, eventually.
  • My blogroll is at the bottom of the page, at least until I change the theme.

Thanks for a great year,




  1. OK, and, oh no indeed, thank yooooou.

  2. Thanks for the great reads 🙂
    Hope you don’t stay absent for too long
    Take care of yourself
    x R

  3. I reckon that we need to drift along at times … just to work out what the %^&* is going on. That’s where I am at the moment, too.

    Good luck with the study, the drifting and, importantly, the writing. Please keep going — I look forward to reading what you’ve got to say about the world.

  4. I admittedly have no real idea what the HSC is. I assumed it was the Australian version of the SAT/ACT (b.s. standardized tests needed to get into college). Obviously I was completely wrong if it has the power to keep you in school for another year. What’s with that?

  5. Aren’t there four school terms?

  6. Yes, but year twelve has one term in the year before their final year.

  7. It’s the Higher School Certificate and is an overly complex thing that the people that live here don’t even understand. Your school does half the exams and the other half are external. *wants multiple choice aptitude test*

  8. Wow, that *is* bizarre. Victoria was just “here are some exam dates, go nuts”.

  9. I don’t mind hearing about the HSC, I think the things the establishment comes up with to try to assign a rank to its vassals are a hoot.

  10. You’re still in high school? Holy crap. [ sorry…kind of a newb ] But I love your blog here…you are exponentially cooler than anyone I ever knew in high school. [ back in the dark ages, before air conditioning was standard, when when we typed on typewriters and teachers were still allowed to paddle… ]

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