Posted by: hellonhairylegs | February 8, 2009

In Which I Obsess About my Clothes

So, I was like, walking along and like, these two girls were giggling behind my back with this guy, who thought he was all that, but totally wasn’t and anyways, they called me a lawyer-slut because of my outfit. I was just like wevs and kept walking, ’cause I felt sorry for them.

(See why I haven’t posted for the last few days?)

The women walking behind me had done everything right according to patriarchy. They had done the beauty rituals, they were dissing another woman for a dude and they were wearing clothes that were as fashionable and as flattering (*bogus world alert*) as possible. Yet, they would still be considered ugly because of genetics and a silly beauty-ideal. So I didn’t turn around and give them a tongue-lashing, something that I would usually do when I’m feeling this level of frustration, I just kept walking. I know I’m not a lawyer, and as for being a slut, well that word seems to be denote a woman who should be shamed for her sexual behaviour, and as such, I don’t think sluts exist.



  1. Lawyer slut? What a bizarre insult!

  2. My thoughts exactly.

  3. Does that mean you looked smart?
    I’m sorry, I don’t get it.
    Wait. Were you carrying a briefcase and a stripper pole by any chance?

  4. No, a button down shirt and short shorts. I occassionally wear short shorts because my wardrobe is limited, and I get kicks out of watching guys think I’m hot from a distance, get closer and go several shades lighter. It’s a “you had to be there” thing.

  5. Is it wrong that I want to put “lawyer slut” on a tshirt and watch the headscratching commence?

  6. Bizarre! I get called a “fat skinhead” (does this face look bothered?) but this is the first instance I’ve ever heard of ‘lawyer slut’.

    On a side note, I’ve noticed that some women often indulge in this kind of behaviour in the company of males. It seems to be an approval seeking thing, and an attempt to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the male from the ‘butch’ woman.

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