Posted by: hellonhairylegs | February 14, 2009

Ways of thinking I can’t get behind (Part One)

1. OMG!!! The white baby supply is running out so we need to restrict women’s choices.

 Instead of treating women are sub-human baby creators, maybe we should form a culture that supports parents and children, or at least doesn’t treat women who breast-feed like they have an infectious disease. If you want a higher birth rate, create an environment that improves women’s choices.

2. It’s just a joke!

What they really mean is (a) It’s just a joke, even if the express purpose of my joke was to make you feel bad about yourself, my amusement is more important than your self-esteem and/ or (b) This statement means that any guilt I might have over making you feel bad/ angry/ annoyed is henceforth dissolved while making clear to everyone else in the room what a stick-in-the-mud you are. *is not bringing personal issues into this at all*

3. Obama/ Joss Whedon/ Matt Damon is the Sparkly Feminist Messiah!

For obvious reasons.



  1. Agreed on all three counts (Matt Damon???????)

  2. One million women on my blog rolls telling me how awesome Dollhouse is, or how much they love Joss Whedon, and yesterday some guy I don’t know was at a friend’s thing wearing one of those ‘Joss Whedon is my Master Now’ shirts and I just wanted to get very angry.

  3. 1.Agreed.
    2.Agreed. Yeah, your jokes are so funny, I’m going to kick you in the balls if you don’t apologize, buddy.
    I fucking hate that.
    3.Ehm, I have no idea. Obama is, obviously, more feminist than the last idiot, but then it’s not that hard. Who invented the feminist messiah?And what does Matt Damon have to do with it, other than saying some not-stupid things about James Bond?

  4. But now that you’ve written this, I totally want a sparkly feminist messiah. Hmm- perhaps I could make a whole religion around it, like christians? /snark

  5. Re. point 1: you’d think the rules of good old market capitalism would show the way. Rule of supply and demand; if you can’t get workers for the job you need done you have to up the pay and conditions until they want to do it. Time someone made sure motherhood is a less crappy job, but everyone prefers to simply berate women for not embracing the privilege of being an indentured servant with no time off.

  6. Froufrou, I guess it just annoys me on some basic level that these guys are getting buried by cookies when all of them have profited on the institutional sexism in their industries.

  7. Well it’s obviously annoying, whenever a dude says something about feminism he’s always hailed as the saviour of us all, when a woman saying the exact same thing isn’t worth listening to.
    (sorry i’m so late, i’ve been cut off the internet for ages)

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