Posted by: hellonhairylegs | February 28, 2009

And the Award for Best Straw Argument goes to:

Miranda Devine!

It’s easy to scorn the young women starring in the popular Channel Nine reality show Ladette To Lady. Crass, vulgar, shameless, they binge-drink, vomit, burp, fart, chuck “brown-eyes”, flash their breasts, swear, act slutty, sport Australian flag tattoos and shout “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

It’s girlpower taken to extremes, the ultimate flowering of toxic aggro feminism, in which all civilised restraint is regarded as an unreasonable curtailment of freedom, and gender equality means being able to drink as much as a bloke and vomit in a bucket in the front bar, too.

Way to miss the point. What I, feminist blogger, am pissed off about is the constant focus on female behaviour and how it should change to fit the perfect world of whoever is writing the latest opinion piece. What about teh menz? They commit the vast majority of crimes like theft and assault, yet television shows don’t pick up criminals and try to teach them to be perfect gentlemen? Where is the flood of opinion pieces about Men Gone Wild, sexually assaulting and abusing their loved ones? Oh wait, I forgot, that’s normal, but women vomiting into a bucket? Something must be done.

They are not happy with their old lives as strippers, bar brawlers and aimless drunkards and desperately want to change, even if it means buttoning up in Eggleston’s prim tweed suits, bending to the will of their tutors, taking deportment lessons and learning how to cook, arrange flowers, serve afternoon tea and speak politely to gentlemen at dinner parties.

These are not the only two options for young women, in fact both are a form of submission, just to different types of patriarchy. I would be more impressed with a television show that got a bunch of women from all classes and backgrounds who were unhappy with their lives and gave them training in skills they need/ want. But reality television isn’t reality television unless someone is being humiliated, whether it be women or fat people.



  1. Yes! I’m so tired of people referring to this ‘ladette’ behaviour as feminism taken too far.

  2. Devine’s just hell-bent on fishing for links with gratuitous mentions of blogging, isn’t she?

    “Their growing self-knowledge with each episode is a rebuff to feminist bloggers championing their rights to keep disgracing themselves, unfettered by the trappings of patriarchal expectations, as some sort of perverse expression of girl power.”


  3. Since when do feminist bloggers champion “their rights to keep disgracing themselves”? I don’t think I have ever read a blog post about how great farting in public is, and that’s something I would have remembered if I had.

  4. crankosaur: I think it has more to do with cussin’ and drinkin’ and havin’ sex. You know, unladylike things that only men and ‘lower-class women’ are supposed to enjoy.

  5. It’s the false binary that gets me. The alternative offered to the woman who doesn’t want to be a stripper anymore is to train her to be a parlourmaid. Sounds awful like you can either be suitable to be a man’s wife or suitable to be his whore. What an original choice.

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