Posted by: hellonhairylegs | March 1, 2009


So I wandered the hall of my house, bumping into doorways, in a state of shock. I watched Sin City, and in this sick sick world, it isn’t actually a dark satire of toxic masculinity. I need to scrub out my brain and lie down. (Minus 5 Stars)



  1. I think what annoyed me most was the “Oh, but it’s NOIR” argument. Because even ignoring that it doesn’t actually excuse something made 60-odd years later, most noir isn’t remotely like it. I mean, no noir femme fatales were *that* useless, and no noir heroes were *that* hypermasculine. In fact, most noir is about men who *think* they’re the alpha dog who’ll get the girl and save the world, then fail horribly after it turns out they’re useless at it. In contrast, Sin City is… well, yeah.

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