Posted by: hellonhairylegs | March 6, 2009

On the Semi-Feminist and Centre-left

The semi-feminist, one who identifies as a feminist if pressed, or isn’t a feminist because we don’t need those anymore, but still wants equality. The centre-left, eminently reasonable people who call out egregious examples of racism, sexism and homophobia but aren’t like those extreme heart-bleeding types. To y’all, I have something to say: we will stop being extreme when the truth stops being extreme. In Brazil a nine year old girl was repeatedly raped, became pregnant and had an abortion. This is regarded as murder by the Catholic Church. This is something that the centre-left, the semi-feminist and just about any sort of liberal can unite in condemnation of. Yet when the extreme left, the radical feminists, those extreme heart-bleeding types call out the subtler, more pervasive forms of racism, sexism and homophobia or even mention fatphobia, classism, ageism or ableism, we are being extreme. What do you think forms the toxic environment that we live in, in which rape and violence are so common? How do you think it continues to exist? My answer is that good people are standing by in a miasma of self interest, fear and wilful ignorance. But that’s probably too extreme, too simple. Everyone knows we live in a world of greys, and we have to accept the good with the bad. Prove that to me. Prove it, don’t just spout meaningless words.

And do you know what the salt in the wound is? After this story fades, people will accept the Catholic Church and the misogynistic horseshit it preaches, because good people are supposed to be accepting like that.


  1. fuck yeah! Have I declared my rad-fem love to you recently? I mean this in a totally academic non-creepy way.

    Because everytime I stop by to read here I get so excited. You express yourself so well, and I really appreciate your voice being out here.

  2. Yes, absolutely.

    I used to be one of those smug, more-reasonable-than-thou moderates in high school. Over time I realized that, no, not all ideas have the same balance of good and bad points, and the Middle Way isn’t always the best way.

    For me, moderation was part of being a Real Intellectual. You were supposed to be above the blinkered cliquishness of partisan politics, and you were also never supposed to let your emotions influence you. You had to be perfectly objective.

    I have since discovered that what usually passes for objectivity is really just the perspective of the most privileged groups, though.

  3. Speak it sister.

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