Posted by: hellonhairylegs | March 8, 2009

Anger. So Much Anger.

Sometimes it seems like the world is going to hell. Recently I’ve been angry to the point where I’m incoherently yelling at girls denigrating lesbians (seriously, on public transport, in Sydney, on the day before Mardi Gras, the sheer stupidity was as annoying as the homophobia) and boys tormenting girls (well, I was only incoherent that time because they didn’t know what misogynist meant). Plus, we’re all gonna DIE because of global warming and/or nuclear warfare, or we’re just gonna die anyway because life is absurd like that (but NOT meaningless). And so much of this anger is the feeling of helplessness, of watching everyone being shoved into a box until it becomes almost impossible for anyone (especially those on the bottom of the social ladder) to do anything to stop the slide into the aforementioned hell.

So, a cute puppy photo is in order:   


(I swear I had a direction when I started this post.)



  1. Sometimes it helps to distract yourself with cute things.

  2. Hey, that is one rage-killing puppy.

  3. Thank you for standing up and speaking up.
    You will never know if it did anyone any good or not.
    It was the right thing to do, and it is always good to do the right thing.

  4. HHL’s Note: Ok, so I was going to delete this troll, but he is so hilarious that I just couldn’t. If you want to skip him and his virulent (incompetent) misogyny, go right ahead.

    ‘Hell on hairy legs’? How about ‘smelly hairy legs’ that are in need of a shave and a wash, and a tight pungent ass that also requires likewise? You need that, lady, as well as some medication, before you burst a blood vessel and have a heart attack.

    And maybe the girls were doing what they do because you and your mate Allecto are raving loony dingbats who are touched in the head, and need medication as I said before.

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