Posted by: hellonhairylegs | March 9, 2009

Celebrating the Little Things in Life

  • Trolls with the reading comprehension of a third grader who make you feel intelligent and reasonable. Bonus points if they don’t realise it is a hell of a lot easier to press the delete key than it is to type a page-long screed.
  • Supportive commenters *hugs*
  • My feminism rubbing off on other people. It is great to hear “It’s not sex, it’s rape” or “That’s sexist” from unlikely sources.
  • Being there for people, whether it is being a supporter in class, or helping people deal with sexual assault/ harassment. Feminism does help people, even if I do feel like The Groke sometimes.


  1. I concur. It’s good to feel you’re not just yelling into the void but having an impact. 🙂

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