Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 28, 2009

Asian Women’s Carnival

Read. It is really good.

Also remember to submit to The Down Under Feminist’s Carnival! Chally is hosting it this month (and it is the anniversary edition) so it’ll be awesome.



  1. The Asian Women’s Carnival, as I said here, is a really wonderful collection of writing. I haven’t read every single piece and I think I’ll put off doing so because I don’t want to be finished with it!

    Thank you for the link. I’ve picked out the piece of yours I’m nominating (and, um, including, obviously, because I am the host). The submissions I’ve gotten so far are great.

  2. Thanks Chally. I haven’t been writing/ submitting much because of a combination of real world activism eating up my time and dial up internet speeds, but it’s nice to have a piece selected. I’m going through some DUFC former contributors now to see if there is anything I should submit and I’ve just figured out how to get individual posts on blogger, so be prepared for an inundation of submissions.

  3. Re offline activism: good on ya. The submissions are coming through as we speak!

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