Posted by: hellonhairylegs | April 28, 2009

Point and Laugh

So let’s follow this troll line by line. Alternatively, if you’ve spend all your Sanity Watchers points for today, then you might want to go drink tea, have lesbian sex or kill some zombies in a video game.

This troll who shall not be named posted in response to Robert Jensen’s assertion that in pornography women are three holes and two hands.

Porn is a good substitute for sex.

Ok. What? Masturbation is a good way to have an orgasm (with or without a partner) but the porn is not necessary.

Women hate porn because men can get porn for free. Women wish to raise the cost of sex by restricting men’s access to porn.

So sex is a service, always paid for by men so they can have sex with women? Interesting. So while women are for sex, they don’t want sex themselves, or want to watch porn themselves, they only want the economic benefits?

Women’s precious ego’s are threatened by porn, if you were a real woman with confidence you wouldn’t care if your man watched porn.

I don’t own people, thus I don’t have a man. And you know, there is the other issue, that I’m a LESBIAN, something that you would know if you actually read your blogroll you creepy bastard. Kind of throws a spanner into your heterosexist rant, doesn’t it?

Your insecurities are your own problem

When it comes to sex and happiness I don’t have a lot of insecurities, despite what men like you have spent my entire life indoctrinating me with. Part of what makes me happy and not insecure? Not watching porn, with its retrograde gender politics, ridiculous beauty standards and lies about what constitutes love. (And, given your predisposition towards porn, do you feel insecure about the size of your penis? Just wondering, or is it not alright to make personal attacks against men on the internet? If so, I apologise. Really.)

I want to ask what crazy world this man lives in, but unfortunately I live in it to. I live in a world where sex is about submission and domination, where men are the fucker, women the fuckee (and anyone who does anything different might as well not exist).

Anyone who has found their way to this blog who is more sympathetic to the random trollboy than to my point of view, please consider this for a second: if women have to trick men into sex for money what does that say about women’s economic and political power?



  1. Oh, HHL, I heart you.

    Stop being so jealous of hot chicks, you radfem lesbian harpy! Trollboner trumps everyone else’s right to be treated like human beings!

  2. Numnutzes like this one get themselves all tied into knots over their inability to question these two concepts:

    1. Sexuality is not something men are able to experience from the inside, but only exists as something external to themselves.

    2. To fail in demonstrating sufficent sexuality is to be un-male and therefore the object of wedgies and derision.

    That’s why he thinks he can’t masturbate without porn and have it count — if he doesn’t go outside himself to acquire sex, it doesn’t actually exist.

    These guys have no concept of pleasure, including their own, only of trying not to get stuffed into lockers by enacting sufficient dudely posturing.

  3. It is really good for a snicker that he came right out and said no woman would ever want to have sex with him without substantial bribery first.

  4. Thanks plainjane 🙂 I will do my level best of bowing to my hawt better and troll boners in the future.

    Helen, that’s a good point about external/ internal. And I didn’t notice that he said that until you pointed it out *laughs*. Trolls are so amusing.

  5. TrollDude, if you think porn is a good substitute for sex, you have a really, really shit sex life.

  6. What a moron. I hope that man stays as far away from womyn in the flesh as possible. I’m not really surprised though – even if it does make me much too angry, honey. I think I will go back to that tea and L4D now.

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