Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 3, 2009

Men Agree With Feminism

I was told by a friend that men agree with feminism, that all I need to do is be nicer and more compromising. If men agree with feminism, why do they still rape? Answer me this, and I might reconsider my stance.



  1. Even men who don’t rape — bloody hell.

    My experience is that most men agree with the principles of feminism right up until the point that you actually want to put them into action. Then suddenly you’re making a fuss, you’re blowing it out of proportion, you’re trying to oppress TEH MENZ.

  2. You know, I think I’m going to be stealing that line next time someone I know tells me that “feminism isn’t relevant anymore”

  3. Seriously, if I hear some version of “you catch more flies with sugar” ever again…

    Yeah, the problem is that we’re not NICE enough. Obviously, men won’t rape you if you bat your eyelashes and sweetly say, “Oh, please, I would prefer that you didn’t rape me”. That’s how women got the right to vote, to have credit in their own names, to own property, and it’s how they obtained the token protections against partner violence and discrimination in the workplace- they just said asked nicely and the patriarchy said, “Sure! That sounds fair! Here you go, some basic human rights, served up on this here silver platter!”

    What a crock.

  4. Ok I go to a Catholic all girls school and we have just started “sexual ethics” in religion class (year 12).
    As you would expect it’s anti-gay, anti-masturbation, anti-contraception and apparently women are turned on emotionally whilst men are turned on visually.

    Please help! What do I do! There’s so much misogyny I don’t know where to start. Or if I should even bother trying to challenge?

  5. Check out Scarleteen and some of these Echidne of the Snake posts might be of interest in rebutting particular “men are this way, women are that way” myths. Do whatever is best for your mental health, even if that means not engaging.

  6. I’m going to take those posts because I for one, am sick and tired of my friends brother trying to engage me about how “men and women are just born different”
    jesus fucking christ.

  7. Thanks, you’re a legend.

  8. This worries me slightly.

  9. No really! You totally come up in our English extension class all the time, usually during secret deviant fulminations against the theocracy

  10. Feminists just need to be “nicer and more compromising?” That sounds a great deal like “we could agree with feminism as long as feminists are saying exactly what we want to hear!”

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