Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 3, 2009


Why. Can’t. You. Be. Nice?

You say it like that’s revolutionary,

Like it hasn’t been


Into our brains. Be. Pretty. Helpful. Caring.

Have a pink mirror for your trouble.




    And the problem is, I am nice, most of the time, not because I want to be, but because it’s so deeply ingrained, because my automatic reaction is to smile when I want to yell.

    “We wear the mask that grins and lies…”

  2. wasn’t this post longer? is there a reason it was shortened?

    or is my brain just confused?

  3. It was, but the last two verses were annoying me.

  4. Great poem!

    This concept of being nice is such an interesting one. Women get pats on the head from the patriarchy in the short-term for being sufficiently “nice” (which seems to be codespeak for “submissive” and “docile”), but in the long run it’s actually counter to our survival.

  5. I want to be able to be nice when i feel like being nice not because society expects me to be nice

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