Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 8, 2009

Friday Feminist: Chizuko Ueno

I would like to indicate one more fundamental misunderstanding that is an inevitable part of the prostitution paradigm. Whether it was forced or voluntary, prostitution is not ‘sex in exchange for money’ between a woman and a man. Prostitution, as a part of the sex industry, is an exchange between the seller (agent or manager who is frequently male) and the (male) buyer. Here the woman is not the agent or central player in the exchange but simply and nothing more than an object, a commodity. As a commodity, the prostitute does not have the right to choose her customers.

From Nationalism and Gender (emphasis mine).



  1. Here’s a chilling point I just ran across recently:

    In Right-Wing Women Andrea Dworkin points out that the US welfare system functions to enforce a supply of desperate workers, and that no matter what changes are made, the functional equilibrium of enforcing a supply of desperate workers always remains.

    She then points out that legalized prostitution would mean that at least some women would be booted off welfare because they can get a perfectly legal job as prostitutes and should go to work already.

  2. Nice distinction- important.

    Helen- holy crap- that is a scary thought.

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