Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 19, 2009

Inspired by Two and a Half Men and Everybody Loves Raymond



  1. That has to go into the top 10 Lolcats of the year

  2. Well, thank goodness she’s read her Douglas Adams as well as her Simone de Beauvoir, and knew to keep her towel by her side at all times.


    This is why I download my TV.

  4. Comment WIN to orlando.

    Thanks Stella 🙂

    lilac, that’s a policy I’m thinking about implementing.

  5. No kidding. 😀

  6. Feminist kitty is my hero.

  7. I gather the feminist kitty is too young to have stumbled upon The Man Show – which had to be my stepfather’s favorite piece of televised shit for YEARS. Or maybe Australia has been spared the pain of that particular export…..

  8. draconismoi, alas no, Australia has not been spared the execrable phenomenon that is the Man Show. I hope feminist kitty is spared that particular abomination until her claws are nice and long and strong.

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