Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 22, 2009

Virginity, yet another social contruct.

What she said.

The idea of virginity is bullshit. We can define it is either by an obsession with penetration or by a definition so broad it becomes meaningless. The idea doesn’t make biological sense, just like constructs of race and the gender binary. And just like those constructs, it is based in keeping power in the hands of a select few.



  1. gotta love that virgin/slut dichotomy! I’ve had to watch a friend of mine suffer from thinking she’s been tainted because the man she “lost” her virginity to later dumped her… Now she’s suicidal and can’t have sex without a panic attack… It really just shows how dangerous the idea of “purity” can be.

  2. Concurred. And yet anther means of commodifying women’s sexuality for the pleasure and profit of men.

  3. My clever sister always referred to those who though virginity meant something as having a “unicorn complex”.

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