Posted by: hellonhairylegs | May 30, 2009

Blog Wars and Activism

The division on display in the feminist blogosphere is sickening. Most everyone has more in common ideologically than not, so can we work together, please?

How the hell did we all get so hard-edged and plain mean? I look at my blogroll and see at least three blog wars between women I respect, representing a huge waste of feminist time.

If we united the world would shake. Start today and protest the Australian government’s ableist new proposal (Call to Activism here). Australians and everyone the hell else, write in to say how disappointed we are at this bullshit. Let them know they are being watched internationally, let them know that their image has been tarnished. Because as feminists we fight for all women’s rights.

And then let’s tackle media outlets who conflate rape with sex. Write in letters explaining to them exactly what they’re doing and why that’s wrong, if that’s your style. If not, write in complaint after complaint. If that doesn’t work we boycott the egregious offenders and their biggest advertisers. We bring lawsuits against media corporations for endangering women and for belittling rape survivors. We do it until their ears and pocketbooks bleed. We do it until they change. Then we move from there.



  1. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. 🙂

    I have to say though, that I think we feminists are getting better at doing exactly that — I think that online feminism was a lot more divisive ten years ago.

  2. […] Hellonhairylegs wird aufgerufen, dass feministische Blogs doch bitte zusammenhalten mögen. “If we united the […]

  3. I found the shitstorm on I Blame The Patriarchy totally unnecessary and depressing. 😦

  4. I concur. Any good social movement is going to have diversity of opinion, which is what keeps it growing and makes it better, but we need to realize that despite our differences, we really are in the same boat.

  5. I agree, I think we should be focusing on the things we can all agree on instead of belittling others and acting like immature cretins for having a different opinion. The woman-hating that seems to go with some of these arguments is shocking as well, sometimes I forget that these women are feminists and not gossip columnists.

    I always seem to miss these blog’wars’ but, I don’t think that’s going to be a bad thing, because backreading is always interesting (if not a little frustrating)

  6. Only three? It’s just willy waving (metaphorical not literal). Look at me, I’m morally superior to you and the best feminist on the internet.

    Oh ok then.

  7. I’m impressed to see that you were ahead of the curve on this one. Everyone else (by that I guess I mean IBTP, Shakesville, the Hoydens and Sady, which is my everyone else) is taking stock now, but you were telling us to get a grip nearly a fortnight ago. Interesting.

  8. Polystyrene, obviously WAY more arguments, but only three or four which were big, giant comment thread, smackdowns since I’ve been in the femosphere. How are you going by the way? I miss your blog.

    Orlando, I think Twisty actually beat me to the punch. Thanks though 🙂

    Aileen, interesting ability you have to miss blog wars, congrats 😛

  9. Good post, I’ve been finding the recent feminist blog wars pretty sad too.

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