Posted by: hellonhairylegs | June 12, 2009

A Matter of Culture

Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds has been booted off the Australian cricket team. Getting drunk repeatedly before training and thus betraying your mates is a no-no.

“The decision has been made after Andrew has in the last 24-48 hours broken a number of team rules,” Sutherland said.

“In isolation the breaches that I am talking about are not serious, but in the scheme of things, in the scheme of history, they are enough for it to be the final straw.”

And old photo of Matthew Johns with his team.

And old photo of Matthew Johns with his team.

But “team-bonding” through rape in the NRL is just to be expected. Whatever, it’s not like it’ll affect their performance on the sporting field, so actually doing something about the culture of violence against women only matters when there is a media spotlight overhead. From the ABC Transcript of Code of Silence.

CLARE: [Matthew Johns] laughed and he joked and he very loud and boisterous and thought it was hilarious and you know kept it going.

SARAH FERGUSON: Matthew Johns and fellow player Brett Firman told Four Corners they were the first players to have sex with Clare, Firman said “she was up for it a hundred per cent”.

Johns denies he kept it going, saying when he had finished he quote “took a step back.”

CLARE: They never spoke to me, they spoke just to themselves, amongst themselves, laughing and thinking it was really funny. When you have sex with someone and it’s nice and you talk and you touch and this was awful. This was nothing like, nothing like that.

SARAH FERGUSON: Some players even came into the room through the bathroom window.

CLARE: I had my eyes shut a lot of it and when I opened my eyes there was just a long line at the end of the bed.

SARAH FERGUSON: What was going through your mind when this was happening?

CLARE: I thought that I was, that I was nothing. I thought I was worthless and I thought I was nothing. And I think I was I was in shock. I didn’t scream and they used a lot of like mental power over me and, and belittled me and made me feel really small like I was just a little old woman.

(And yes, this doesn’t prove anything, given that these are individual cases and there are way too many variables involved.)


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