Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 7, 2009

I’m Baaaaack.

So I’ve finished high school/ the dreaded HSC. All I have to do now is sort out American application stuff and prepare for a holiday. I’ve been catching up on the feminist blogosphere, and if you haven’t gone already, check out Feminists with Disabilities. Contributors include the always awesome Chally and Lauredhel.

In other news Democrats threw women under the bus in the health care plan (Quelle surprise!). As an American citizen I can register to vote, but I have to fill out many forms and deal with state income tax if I do so. Democrat cowardice leaves me with little inclination to put in the effort, despite the family tradition of being politically active and agitating in favour of the Democrats.

On the other side of the fence, the Republican party remains the party of incompetence and hatred. If they had any real interest in governing, and not just posturing and politicing, they would be supporting the health care bill to improve the lives of their constituents, including the military veterans who are live in poverty as a direct result of America’s failing health care system. If we can’t support our troops by not sending them into pointless wars, the least we can do is making sure they receive adequate medical treatment for the issues that arise from their service.

In short, the American political system is still as screwed up as it was when I started this blog. Grrr.



  1. Hey! Great to hear from you again. I’m very pleased that you’ve gotten through to the end of the HSC craziness – it sounds like no fun at all. I’m not looking forward to supporting my girls through it, ‘though fortunately it’s a few years away yet.

    Yes, of course the Dems abandoned women. It makes me very, very grateful for the wonderful socialised medicine we have downunder.

  2. So glad to see you back, HHL!

  3. Thanks Chally and Deborah 🙂 Hopefully the HSC will become less crazy in the intervening time period.

  4. congratulations.

    truly – life gets sooooooo much better now. really.
    you’ll have forgotten highschool by January.

    welcome to the other side and WELL DONE 🙂

  5. Glad to see you made it through! You’re going to America? Cool.

  6. Whoa, I didn’t know you were an American citizen!

    And, yes, besides the unmitigated awfulness that is the Stupak amendment, the “reform” package that our House of Representatives just passed mostly amounts to a law demanding that everyone buy health insurance, or pay a fine.

    Yet another instance of what Barbara Ehrenreich calls “the criminalization of poverty” … *sigh*

  7. And congratulations on graduating!

    I hope you like it in America; we do have some very nice colleges. Where are you thinking of going?

  8. I’m glad you’re back, and congratulations on finishing high school! In my experience, college is much better- there are still a lot of asshats, but there are also many more reasonable, intelligent people who aren’t afraid to identify themselves.

    I’m also glad that you’re coming to the US. Hopefully to someplace in the Midwest. Perhaps to a state consisting of two peninsulas, one of which is shaped like a mitten. Just a suggestion.

  9. Congrats on finishing school, HHL.
    Great to see you back 🙂

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