Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 23, 2009

The Condensed Travel Diaries- Part 1

In lieu on the drafts posts I lost while messing around with my laptop, here are excerpts from my travel journal.

Day 1- Hong Kong Airport

Deviant Spawn, Fellow Spawn 1 and Fellow Spawn 2 have been unleashed on Europe. In the hours since we’ve left our home and reached the Hong Kong airport we’ve been warned about Italian men multiple times. “Don’t let them pinch your arses” and the like. The boys will be boys attitude displayed in some of these warnings is worrisome. As always, the travel has been a nightmare (I get airsick) and the airports chaotic. I am struck by the fear that I’ve forgotten something vital. I’m currently reading the Italian phrasebook. I have everyday pleasantries (yes, no, thank you, hello etc) and the first ten numbers down.

Day 3- In Rome

I’ve updated my mental definition of Rome to the city that gave straight roads to the world, yet has hopelessly convoluted streets. My legs ache after walking down most of them. Bells are ringing at the moment, as they appear to do at regular intervals. I’m trying to crack the code without cheating by using google or the guidebook.

I am in a really happy zone right now. The trip has been amazing. The palpable air of history around the area has been incredibly interesting and fulfilling. The food is just as good as everyone said, and there are many beautiful places that photograph well. I was very impressed by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and absolutely squeeing over the public fountains, big and small, that are everywhere.

(Day 3- In Rome to be continued.)



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