Posted by: hellonhairylegs | November 25, 2009

The Condensed Travel Diaries- Part 3

(excerpts from the diary of HHL)

Day 4- Florence

Went to the Uffizi (one of the big galleries in Florence, has Boticelli’s Venus). Amazing statues, but some of the Medici sponsored art was ostentatious lolsob. I wonder how much gold in total is on the wall. So many marble pieces that are thousands of years old. Squee! Also interesting to see how gender markers have changed over time. Shows how artificial the gender binary is.

Wandered around Florence for a few hours and bought souvenirs and a bag for university. It’s amazingly picturesque, with interesting museums, buildings and statues seemingly around every corner.



  1. I loved Florence when I was there last March. Also the people are really nice. Uffizi is kinda interessting though I don’t have much love for Renaissance art. The collection is really well hung and put together.

  2. I loved Italy. Unfortunately, I was there when I was really too young to appreciate it. I wish I could afford to go now – now I think it would mean more to me than it did when I was a snotty eighteen year old military wife.

    I’ve been away from blogging for about a year – been sick. I hope you are well and that your trip is all you hoped it would be!

  3. I spent a day in Florence a few years ago. Wish it was much longer. I loved Florence, especially the art. Lucky you!

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