Just Sayin’

I don’t have a readership base and I’m somewhat lazy, as a result posting on this blog will be sporadic at best. For American readers, given that I’m Australian I will sometimes add an extra u or substitute an S for a Z. For English and Australian readers I will sometimes spell American as many of the texts I read are American. I don’t claim to be perfect when it comes to grammar and/or spelling.

My picture policy basically boils down to posting random photos from Google search. I try not to violate copyright rules but I may have screwed up. If I have used an image that belongs to you please just comment and I’ll take it down.

If you have genuine problems with my writing please comment. I will consider your complaint and edit if appropriate. Meaningless MRA drivel will be deleted with something approaching unholy glee.



  1. I love your blog!!

    I had to laugh uncontrollably for a moment-
    *”unholy glee”: if only others took this policy to heart, life would be more free and entertaining

    I love your bluntness and perfectly worded posts

  2. Thanks Lina!

    Yeah, using “unholy glee” seems to have scared away some of the MRAs and other assorted scum; I’ve only gotten concern trolls so far.

  3. Hey Hellon, Spiders here from IBTP. Just checking out some other people’s blogs.
    Thought I’d say hi.

  4. Thanks for coming. Heya 🙂

  5. I find that using “douchecornet” baffles them so that you can throw a pr0n mag and they get distracted and run away. LOL! (Lemur here from HoneyLemur. If you like my stuff feel free to add me to your blogroll.)
    I can haz moar anti-patriarchal blogginz pls? kthx!

  6. The tummy tuck jean issue is a sore spot for me!!! Im sick of people enlisting ways i can hide my curves!!! i no longer pay attention to advertisements, i stopped reading the paper and listening to the news about 10yrs ago . it depressed me and made me sick. whew , i feel better .xo

  7. I love this blog! Keep it up! Looks like you’re a fellow Dr Who fan as well, yay. Nothing is more delicious than someone who is both a feminist and a Dr Who fan. Love ya!

  8. Mouth of the south, sounds like a good idea. I will probably try it soon.

    Redhead, thanks. The combination of feminism and Dr Who is rather good.

  9. Another refuge from IBTP here. Lard I miss it. Now I just spend a lot of time at the Andrea Dworkin commemorative library. :).

    I’ve always loved that Pat Robertson quote because for about a month in middle school I was a socialist wiccan. Now I’m an atheist anarchist, probably not much better in his book!

  10. you rock. hard. please consider doing the coming out interview on my blog?

  11. I wish I had an Andrea Dworkin commemorative library!

    Sure bentcrude, your blog looks interesting.

  12. Ok, new to blogging and a great deal of net-speak. What’s an MRA? Just for starters….

    Dr Who definitely rocks 🙂

  13. Men’s Right Activist. Typically are concerned with the evil feminists taking over the right of men to be supremem in the home, homophobic as alll get out.

  14. From another hairy legger to another… I love your blog. LoveLoveLove. Please keep up the great work.

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